• How do children learn exceptional skills for learning?
• How do children develop high self esteem?
• How do children motivate themselves to achieve their goals?
• How do children develop exceptional life skills to create the life they want to live?
• How do children develop exceptional relational skills?
• How do children create and maintain mental/psychological balance and health?
• How do children develop consequential thinking?

Bringing up children can be one of the most rewarding and one of the most challenging experiences in life. Each stage of a child’s development brings both wonder and consternation to the parent.

NLP can be beneficial for parents from the birth of their children to their teenage years and beyond. NLP can help in many ways; it can help you to become the kind of parent you wish you could be; it can enable you to relate to your children in ways that feel good for you and for them; it can provide you with strategies for dealing with the challenges that all parents face and it can help to improve and strengthen family relationships. From the baby blues, through the terrible twos and the terrible teens, allow NLP to be your guide through the more challenging times so that you can enjoy your children for who they are and allow yourself to be the best parent you can be.
Just imagine how it will be when:

• Your kids to go to bed without a fuss?
• To get your kids to go along with your requests more often?
• To avoid temper tantrums before they start?
• To get back to feeling like you are in control of your kids?
• To stop fighting with your kids and start enjoying them?
• To understand exactly how to change your child’s emotional state.
• Your child will learn to handle rejection (saying “no”) much better. We both know how important this is for their future.
• Your toddler will learn to be flexible in how he or she thinks.

It would be great if when your child was born or you took on a teenager for the first time they came with a user manual or some operating instructions! You love them, you are proud of them but no one teaches you to help, support, nurture, handle, or manage your children.

I am sure you know that every parent has faced one of these challenges:

• A child who doesn't do as you ask. This could be a toddler who won't go to bed on time or a teenager who won't do their homework or get out of bed!
• Your child hurts so you hurt and you don't know how to help. This could be a child who is bullied or is disappointed or let down by others in some way.
• Your child is special or learns differently or isn't doing as well as you hoped in school.
• You love your child but some days they are hard to like!
• You want the absolute best for your child but are not sure how to ensure they fulfill their dreams.

This one day seminar is designed to provide you with strategies and skills to support your parenting. Whether you are new to NLP or are experienced in NLP this programme offers you an opportunity to learn some fundamental applications of NLP to the world of children and parents.

During the event you will:

• Understand the world of the child at different ages.
• Gather the key communication tools of NLP to enable you to live in harmony with your family.
• Examine the tools of NLP which directly impact on your family
• Learn tried and tested tips for gaining agreement with your children.
• Discover how the latest research in neuroscience shows us the way to support our children.
• Explore how learning strategies work so you can find the best way to help your child learn.
• Boost motivation in your child and yourself.
• Have more fun than you thought possible becoming the parent you are destined to be.

These training days are unique in that it is built around you and your family. So when you sign up, submit your questions or concerns in good time and we will ensure that your specific requests are addressed on the programme wherever possible.

This programme is led by Kate Benson, the International Director of Education for the Society of NLP. Kate has 25 years experience as a teacher and trains teachers from all over the world to improve happiness and learning in schools and colleges using NLP. She works closely with Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP and has written extensively on NLP and learning.

More importantly she has many years experience in raising happy and healthy children as a mother and stepmother of 3 and mentor to hundreds of young people. Kate is passionate about NLP, children and learning and you will find yourself thinking - she must have been in my house because she knows my children so well! Of course she hasn't but there isn't really anything she hasn't encountered or found a solution to, from the baby who won't sleep, the toddler who won't eat, the 8 year old who hates school or the extreemly challenging teenager.

[Teaching Excellence is alleen voor NLP Master Practitioners bedoeld. Wanneer je je voor Teaching Excellence opgeeft, dan krijg je de NLP for Parents Day er gratis bij.]

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